Fashionisto advises individuals to broaden their color horizons

As I walk along the thoroughfares of R.W.E. Jones Drive and Main Street, I wonder what students are interested in and what they are actually wearing for the spring. I hear that a certain commercial where mannequins are wearing a certain “Town Gown” has the ladies of Grambling gossiping.

By watching the shows from New York, Paris and Milan, I have decided that energy levels would be higher if we released heavy fabrics and traded in peacoats for cotton shirts, black pants for a pair of khaki shorts and, last but not least, UGG boots for flip-flops.

I just hope I don’t see a walking advertisement for Abercrombie, Hollister or American Eagle Outfitters. I personally would just like to see more free, curly wind through your hair kinda style, tanks, flowers in the hair. And guys, let’s let go of the black; the black affair is over.

People, broaden your horizons. I challenge the fashion community or individual looking to enhance his or her style to go and find a color wheel and play twister. Whatever color you land is the color you wear.

Remember, you are your own enemy. You would be surprised by how you look when you step outside of the box and who is paying attention.

Xoxo, “The
Fashionisto’s Journal