Election time is upon us once again

The time has come again, and it seem that it came by so quickly. It feels like yesterday when I felt that anticipation of campaigning. From the “Chris Who?” signs, to the superhero costumes running around on campus, I enjoyed every bit of it. As president, one of the motivations that I carried in my heart was to do something to grab the attention of the students and inspire them to want to be the president one day.

I speak with freshmen every day and they always tell me about how in two-three years, they will be sitting in my office as the president. I feel that is a big accomplishment, and that is to reach out and inspire somebody.

Although the elections are ending, and a new president will emerge, I will still make it my every effort to support the student body, and train the SGA president elect to represent the student body just as well as I did and even better. Out of the four candidates that are running, I believe that all of them would be a great aspect to the student body in some way. I do encourage the new president elect to recruit the other three into the Presidential cabinet and run a successful school year.

Alonzo Blalock has been a great member of the Student Government Association for four years now. Although, this will be his third time running for president, he still remained active with the SGA through all of his years in college. He is a part of many student organizations on campus and he does hold many leadership positions in them. Alonzo’s knowledge with the SGA makes him an excellent candidate for the position.

Christopher Hughes has done an excellent job as the Junior Class President and it is only right for him to go up to the next level of leadership and that is to be the Student Government Association president. The junior class has ran many programs that were more informative to the student body rather than entertaining. Hughes is a very humble young man he is always willing to learn more and listen to the students.

Steven Jackson is an excellent candidate. He is the current SGA vice president and under my administration, Steven has excelled. He is able to handle many tasks at once and remain organized. Steven plans to continue working on plans that the Harmon-Jackson administration began and he will make sure that they will follow through, along with many others.

Dean Julien-Weatherly is a new member of the Student Government Association but a very powerful. He is an international student who relates to American students on a regular basis due to his involvement with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Captain of the Golf team, and serves as a local Disc Jockey. Dean has a very wide mind and plans to lead the student body to his best ability with the guidance of the Harmon-Jackson administration if he is to be the president elect.

I am comfortable saying that after this election, the student body will remain in good hands. I hope that you all participate and vote, because this is very important to your academic school year. Please take the time to get to know the candidates and listen to each platform and you make the right choice on who you would like to be the next SGA president for the 2009-2010 school year!