Dunbar gallery to feature senior art shows

Grambling State University ‘s Dunbar Gallery will feature the senior exhibitions of two art majors, Tamarrow Wilson and Tiffany Grant, through April 24.Students create proposals for works to be completed in their junior and senior years at GSU. The works then are submitted to a faculty panel that judges the best works by each student, which are shown in their senior exhibitions.

Wilson has been interested in creating art since the age of 11.A native of Monroe, she has always been interested in sculpture and being able to transform natural materials into art. While attending GSU she became interested in clay as a medium for expression.

“I begin each piece by visualizing what I wish to create, sometimes doing sketches and sometimes just following my creative intuition,” Wilson said. “The form of the piece is inspired by the materials that I am using as well as my research into the masks of various cultures.”

Wilson said she focuses on the eyes and mouth of when creating the masks because they are the most expressive of the features.

Tiffany Grant’s work is a combination of traditional photography and works created via photo manipulation.

“Any given image can convey several different meanings, depending on how you see it,” Grant said. “In my photography I love to capture life as it appears naturally then make alterations to the images to enhance or change the meaning conveyed.” Her major inspiration comes from music and nature.

Gallery hours are 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call (318) 274-2274.