Black Dynasty rips the runway

A pretty packed auditorium supported Black Dynasty’s latest fashion show. The fast-paced event blended modes of entertainment. The show was creatively executed with eye-catching choreography; diverse ensembles and the signature staccato walk synonymous with the campus Dynasty kept fashion enthusiasts interested. The group brought out Miss Grambling hopeful, Blythe Dennis to cheering viewers. Several students held signs with picture on them and pumped arms triumphantly as she smiled back. Dennis shared the stage with B. Hamp of the hit single “Do the Ricky Bobby.” Dozens of bodies hopped up and began doing the dance as models prepared for the next scene.

The entire show kept audience members rapt, but a few scenes particularly captivated.

The first honored Barack Obama as two models personified the first couple. The remaining models strutted in various patriotic ensembles. The Kanye West and Estelle hit “American Boy” blared as oily bodies struck poses and pivoted under the bright lights before screaming supporters.

“Lost” by Gorilla Zoe played in the background for a theatrical scene in which Kenesha Carter froze center stage with limp arms and screamed. Models then conjured modern images of Kriss Kross as they highlighted the dramatic disorientation by rocking backward clothes and bumping into each other.

A scene based on the “Life of a Man” showcased modest men, beefy bodies and solemn stage faces. At the end of the scene the males stepped offstage with faux roses and presented the flowers, amongst other things, to anxious ladies.

The show was kaleidoscopic and featured Somethin’ Serious dance troupe, which performed a diverse array of dance styles in between scenes. The group transferred hip-hop hype and energy from rhythmically bouncing bodies to the crowd.

Though the show experienced a few technical difficulties regarding speakers, performers kept the show moving and prompted the audience to clap and create beats until the issues had been resolved.

It ended shortly before nine as students headed to Tiger Xpress to grab some nighttime grub.

Sophomore nursing major Isaac Payton smilingly shared his opinion of the show.

“I was impressed by the talents that Black Dynasty exhibited on tonight. I am baffled by the talent.”

Another sophomore nursing major, Brooke Williams agreed that the show was a success.

“It was well worth my two dollars . I enjoyed the walks .”

The troupe posed together post show before doing the electric slide as lingerers still buzzed.