All hail the King (King Tut, that is)

The Art Department and students from other majors went to Dallas on recently to experience the King Tutankhamun exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art. It was amazing viewing the sarcophagus, jewelry and the different artifacts from the young ruler’s reign. The exhibit also had artifacts from the rulers and pharaohs who continued to rule after Tut’s death.

The lines were long but it was worth the wait. As I walked through the halls of information, I could not help but try to imagine or even picture how rich their lives were, able to summon someone with only a snap of their finger.

The only thing I was disappointed in was that the exhibit did not include King Tut’s body. Because he ruled between 1334 and 1325 BC., it’s understandable that his body would be difficult to move around to go on tour.

But what was really exciting was that the exhibit pretty much had all of his childhood toys, furniture and the headdress he wore when he greeted his kingdom.

The most memorable moment for me was thinking about how this young child ruled. When I was 8 years old I was not thinking what buildings needed to be built or what food chefs needed to prepare. I was focused on what Power Rangers’ episode was coming on next. So I know that had to be a heavy burden.

Even though his life came to an end at the age of 19, he still left a huge impression on the world and the country of Egypt. Ask yourself how you would deal with that much power.

Even though it may probably be the last time I see the exhibit, I will always remember the legacy down to the gold and black eyeliner and the headpieces that this young leader left behind.

For anyone interested in seeing the King Tut exhibit, it will be in Dallas until May 17.