Women trailblazers in the media: Shaun Robinson

“Good night, this has been your TV One Access.” You often can find this catchy phrase coming from the lips of entertainment news anchor Shaun Robinson. TV One Access is a show on the TV One network produced by Access that brings viewers behind the velvet rope of the who’s who in “Black Hollywood.” Making her way from a local reporter in cities such as Detroit, Austin and Milwaukee, to weekend anchor for Access Hollywood, one of the nation’s biggest sources of entertainment and celebrity happenings.

Robinson in her early years worked at WGPR-TV, a Detroit CBS affiliate and the first Black-owned TV station in the United States. After a debut in the entertainment news field on the nationally syndicated show Xtra in May 1999, Robinson joined the staff of regulars producing the syndicated show Access Hollywood.

She attended and graduated from Spelman College.

Off of the red carpet, Robinson serves as the Los Angeles County spokesperson for the “Share Your Heart, Share Your Home” program, which helps to find permanent homes for African-American children waiting to be adopted. Robinson also is a regular at events that promote the advancement of Black professionals in the entertainment industry.