Women trailblazers in the media: Lisa Salters

Relentless, controversial, dedicated and hard-working are words that describe Lisa Salters. Salters is currently a sportscaster and sports anchor and appears on E:60 and Outside The Lines on ESPN. Salters not only talks sports but she was once a basketball player for Penn State University during the years of 1986-1987. She holds the record for being the shortest player in school history at 5′ 2.”

Salters began her career with ESPN in 2000 as a sideline reporter for ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime and courtside reporter for ESPN’s coverage of the NBA on NBC. Prior to ESPN, Salters worked covered the O.J. Simpson murder case for ABC and worked at WBAL-TV in Baltimore.

Salters has covered numerous events, including the Olympics in Greece, the FIFA World Cup, and news in Iraq and Kuwait during wars.

Salters has been involved in controversy while appearing on ESPN’S E:60 for making racial comments. Salters offended many people by saying the French sport Parkour sounded like the silliest nonsport she had ever heard of, and it was something White people do and Blacks found it uninteresting. ESPN edited the rebroadcasts and online versions of the show.

Although she encountered this mishap, Salters is currently still working for ESPN and having a successful career.