The case for why Wade should be MVP

As the NBA season comes to a close, it is time to give out postseason awards and I’m campaigning for Dwyane Wade for the Most Valuable Player award in the NBA.I know that Cleveland Cavaliers Forward Lebron James and Los Angeles Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant have had great seasons, but the bottom line is that Wade is better than both of these guys, despite having less talent around him.

Wade has stepped up his game and his leadership. He has helped the Heat become a threat in the Eastern Conference once again.

Wade is averaging 29 points and seven rebounds this season, and he is carrying his team. Time and time again ,we have seen Wade take over the game and hit game winning shots throughout the season.

Wade’s most legitimate argument for MVP is that ,the Heat are 38-32, compared to their 15-67 record last year.

A lot of that has to do with Dwyane Wade’s success. With all these factors, when the MVP vote is announced, I expect to hear Dwyane Wade.

What makes a guy an MVP? If you take that guy off that team and that team becomes irrelevant, that shows the player’s value. That described the Miami Heat.

Dwyane should be MVP because he is the best player in the NBA – period. That’s nothing against other players like Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul or Deron Williams. That’s just saying Dwyane Wade beats even them.