Social science honor group inducts members

The Eta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu international honor society in social sciences held its induction ceremony earlier this semester. The 2009 inductees were honored for their outstanding academic achievement in the field of social work.Dr Frances Staten, the chapters’ adviser, gave acknowledgements and recognitions and beamed in acceptance of the new inductees. The program was held in memory of Eddie L. Carr from those she touched and taught during her tenure. The work that she put into the field of social work is apparent in the many lives that she transformed. Additionally, the project BEAP has established a childcare assistant award in her honor.

The inductees were visibly elated and eager to get the ball rolling within the organization.

“When an individual can give back open-heartedly to a community that has given so much, that’s when social work and its limitless capabilities are in full effect,” said new inductee Kurlyn Honore.

A plethora of knowledge was shared with the inductees through the wisdom of guest speakers Dr. Farrah D. Gafford and Dr. V.J. Samuel, who both expressed the importance of social work and the benefits of being a helping hand to society as a whole.

Pi Gamma Mu was founded in 1924 by Dean Leroy Allen of Southwestern College and Dean William A. Hamilton of the College of William and Mary. There are several ideals of Pi Gamma Mu, including scholarship, science, social idealism, sociability, social service, and sacrifice.

The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu is to improve scholarship in the social sciences and to achieve synthesis therein. This inspires social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems, to engender sympathy towards others with different opinions, and to supplement and to support, but not to supplant existing social science organizations.

Pi Gamma Mu and its slew of new inductees seek to re-ignite a dying flame on the campus of Grambling State University through social service.