An athlete who’s worth the Price

It’s Monday around 4:30 p.m. Assistant head track coach Carlos Robinson is telling freshman Darwin Price, to push himself through sprints. After the sprints, Price engulfs himself in water to cool off.For those who may not know, Darwin Price is not your typical freshman, this 19-year-old sensation has been breaking records and is head and shoulders above his peers.

If it wasn’t for one incident, Price wouldn’t be running track at all.

“I got into a altercation at McClure North High School,” said Darwin Price “If it was not for that altercation, I wouldn’t be running track today.”

Since that day, Price has made the most of his chance, especially in his first season at Grambling.

On the track he has been nothing like a freshman. On March 1, he won the 3,000 meter run with a time of 8:44 and tallied 30 points single handily. Even though he had a great meet, he was still not satisfied.

“It feels good but it was not big to me, it made me hungrier and compete harder,” said Price.

It’s not a fluke that Price is so good. He wakes up every Tuesday and Thursday, at 5 a.m. and runs seven miles.

Price said he encourages teammates to come and run with him, so they all can better as a team.

This young man has left an impeccable impression not only on his teammates, but also the coaching staff.

According to Carols Robinson, the assistant track coach, Price is an outstanding athlete, a hard worker and an excellent student .

Although he as accomplished a lot in just a short time at Grambling, he feels that has a long way to go.

“I can’t brag about anything because I have not done anything,” said Price

Outside of track, Price boxes for United States Boxing team, he owns an 83-8 boxing record.

According to Price, he missed the 2008 Olympics by two points. However, he intends to box in the 2012 Olympics.

One ironic thing about Price is that he said Michael Phelps is one of his role models. “He won eight gold medals. That just shows you that hard work pays off,” Price said.

Price is the father of a 1-year-old daughter named Kamorah. “She became my motivation and she is the reason why I work so hard,” Price said.

Just like most parents, being away from his child is hard, but he keeps pictures of Kamorah in his wallet, on his iPhone, and he wears her picture on his socks on with him when he runs.

Darwin Price is off to a good start on his track career at Grambling. He said when he leaves Grambling, he wants to be one word when he leaves Grambling State “a legend.