A look inside the mind of a fashionisto

He probably slobbered on an Armani bib during infancy.Style just is for Nicholas “Nic Beem” Williams. The gentleman approaches it seriously, but is no fuddy duddy.

Super kempt tendencies keep him pretty. No homo, though. He isn’t fond of the “metro” moniker either. The notion of neatness alluding to queerness doesn’t translate in Beem’s mind.

Women want stylish men he says. He references Prince and the “baddest women ever on earth.” The artist is not gay. Though Prince is not his style icon, he insists that if Prince can break fashion rules, he can bend them.

Beem commits to fashion, so haters inhabit his territory. He approaches swaggerjackers, frenemies and biters with ease. He perseveres and hopes to accumulate more fans. Katt Williams’ philosophy grants the issue levity.

Beem is a sophomore criminal justice major. He ended up in the Boot after an interesting proposition. His grandfather (an alumnus) told him that if he attended Grambling, he could choose any vehicle from the family lot and take it with him to school. He selected a white BMW, packed a quintessentially cute wardrobe and headed to the country.

Grambling culture shocked the big city citizen. As an Army brat, he has hung his hat a little bit of everywhere, (calls Atlanta home) but remembers life in Korea vividly. He soaked in the culture and believes that fashion is currently leaning toward Asian influences.

Beem glides.

He has the conscious demeanor of a man who is attractive, knows it and is almost bored with it. He smiles broadly, pauses profoundly and responds smoothly.

It’s almost befuddling. Where is the stereotypical, pompous yellow brotha that older women caution young ladies about? If he fits the bill, he certainly covers it well.

He is surprisingly cool.

He speaks with willingness and doesn’t mind revealing details. Whether the topic is unsteady relationships or fashion missteps, he is a man of many opinions.

Style, he says, is a matter of morals. A lack of physical preparation proves that a person might live up to potential because he/she didn’t project an image that coincides with attentiveness to self.

Though he would likely be welcomed at Sunday dinner, he wasn’t always so prim. A distinct chameleon, he stands out enough to be remembered, but does not strive to completely buck the system. He concluded his sagging pants chapter prior to university admittance.

Now he fancies berets, bow ties and loud colors.

“I’m light skinned,” he states matter-of-factly.

He doesn’t expect any special treatment due to his pigmentation. However if he receives it, he takes it in stride. There are other issues to tackle and he doesn’t envision colorism fading anytime soon.

The former model, retail worker and descendent of well-dressed people returns his talk to fashion. He believes that people need to honestly assess their bodies before wearing certain outfits. Horizontal stripes, for example, aren’t hefty people’s friend, he says. Dressing ignorantly will not suffice.

Neither will immature game-running.

Beem shares that his days of competing for women are over. He reveled in conquests and reported back to buddies for a spell, but has linked up with some new friends, spends more time in church and is trying to become a better person.

Beem is trying get on his grown man.

Lent season inspired some adjustments. This year he is celebrating with inactive loins. Inebriation and/or physicality don’t solidify a good time anymore. He is encouraged by reading Proverbs. He references Ovid’s Art of Love. He listens to Kanye.

He has been given a luxury vehicle, a gift for attracting and relating to people and the ability to attain arm candy. He is aware of everything that he has, unapologetic about his blessings, but gracefully grateful. As easily as materials can be attained, they can be obliterated.

He remembers his mortality.

He just lost his best friend to Atlanta nightlife gunfire. He believes that understanding the need for a calmer lifestyle was his best friend’s last gift to him. So, he is prayerful, poised and prepared to pay homage.