Nomination fever hits campus

Students entered Grambling Hall Auditorium quickly Tuesday, as the SGA Nomination Convention was held. The SGA Nomination Convention is where potential candidates are nominated for the SGA Elections, slated to begin the week of March 30.As the nominations went on, position after position was passed up with little to no competition.

“I expected a few more people to be at the nomination convention,” said Jenita Blue, Elections Commissioner. “I noticed it was a few more people that attended the interest meeting.”

However, some positions will face stiff competition. There were six nominees Sophomore Class president, as well as the same amount for Miss Grambling.

The SGA president nominees maxed out at four, with some familiar faces being nominated. The positions of Miss Senior and Miss Sophomore also had four nominations.

The Gramblinite will not publish any names of nominees until candidates are verified Friday in Grambling Hall at 5:10 p.m.

Yet, one class seemed to put a dull on the Nomination Convention.

“I was disappointed with the current sophomore class,” Blue said.

The Sophomore Class only had six total candidates for the upcoming elections, with three vying for Junior Class president, two for Miss Junior and one for treasurer.

“If anyone in the current Sophomore Class has leadership ability and would like to serve as a student leader, I encourage them to get active and support their class,” said Blue.

Overall, the Nomination Convention was a success.

“The nomination process started promptly,” said Andrew Levelle Smith II, a sophomore. “There were a lot of people to support and nominate candidates.”

As the election gears up, Blue wants to make sure candidates understand one thing.

“Candidates please remember that there should be no campaigning until Election Weeks begins,” she said. Blue also said that candidates could contact her if they had any questions.

– Stephanye Gilyard, Juston Jackson, and Darryl D. Smith contributed to this story.