Local resident gives a solution for America’s economy

The first most important thing in getting the economy back on track is to force the United States of America to live according to the Declaration of Independence (DI) and Constitution (USC). There are statements in both which, if defined according to the words, which are (DI) “… all man are created equal …” with “… inalienable rights …” (USC) “to … establish justice …” will direct this nation into being the leading nation to invite world peace.Every man’s “inalienable right” is self-government which provides every man the “equal” right to obtain the requirements of life. Just because civilizations [interdependence of man on other man to provide them with things over and beyond survival needs] have established a way of life which causes man to not be able to live in nature and provide their own individual needs independently of other man, it behooves every nation to provide the things for its citizens they have caused them to depend on.

To do that in a way which is “equal” to every man is to eliminate money and establish a culture where every man is required to either serve the nation or learn to live in nature like the other animals. Since man-in-mass is not willing to live in nature like the other animals, they will preform what ever duty they can in order to not be self responsible.

When we do that, we show equality to every man, the president does not get any more than street sweepers and garbage man, law maker or judges, factory worker or independent contractor, teacher or student, nor any other professions.

Those two founding documents are what established this nation but have never been lived according to their wording. Bring this nation under the wording of our beginning laws and the system corrects itself.