20 Questions

1. Whose feelings were hurt from last week’s 20 Questions?2. Why are there birds flying around in JTS and the caf?

3. Who stole the furniture from Bowen over the weekend?

4. Who saw the YouTube “Lee vs. Kenneth” fight from Grambling State?

5. Why are the chicks from Grambling with small butts dancing on YouTube?

6. Can we put a certain guard from the women’s basketball team on the men’s basketball team?

7. Would they win even with her help?

8. Who else is stuck in the room sipping TheraFlu?

9. What cheap local artists are we going to get for TigerFest?

10. Where the heck is Elijah?

11. Why are people precampaigning for SGA positions already?

12. Can we blame the Alphas for the cold front?

13. Who started the rumor that TigerFest was canceled?

14. Are you too mad to speak to your instructors after the midterms?

15. Since everyone is taking job cuts, who’s getting a “choir-out”?

16. Since Jindal is turning down stimulus money, can we get it to use for some adequate utilities?

17. Or will that money be spent under the table?

18. Who keeps throwing puppies in the Dumpsters?

19. Is lame synonymous with “swag”?

20. Who even knows what “swag” really means?

Disclaimer: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Those who can’t take a joke need not read.