QEP springs into full gear for reaffirmation of accreditation

Greetings and welcome back everyone! For students new to the Grambling State University Campus we’d be slacking not to mention we are returning from what most would consider a very eventful and prosperous semester for the Grambling family. From our football team going undefeated in the SWAC and becoming national black champions in college football, to receiving a number of endowments from the Board of Regents to fund special programs and projects on campus, to the World Famed Tiger Marching Band being selected to perform at the inauguration of Barack Obama, and don’t forget the role we, the GSU family, played in the outcome of the election itself. You must admit it was a Fall to remember.

Simultaneously, during Fall 2008 the University started to prepare for its 2010 visit from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, known to most simply as SACS. As a part of the SACS reaffirmation process, the University MUST develop and implement a Quality Enhancement Plan, also known simply to the pros as the QEP.

I know by now most may say, “IDK what any of this is.”

What is the QEP?
The QEP is a required component of the SACS reaffirmation process for accreditation.
SACS mandates that an institution develop a plan for increasing the effectiveness of “some aspect” of its educational program related to student learning.
Such an educational enhancement will require resources and a long-term institutional commitment.

The QEP is a university-wide initiative. SACS requires widespread participation of all relevant institutional groups

Why is the QEP Important?
The QEP focuses on student learning.
It draws all university constituent groups together in the process of developing a plan for enhancing student learning. (Students, Faculty, Administration, Alumni, Board Members, etc.)

What is the QEP topic? How was the topic decided?
Using data from the Rising Junior Examination, three topics were identified: writing skills, mathematics skills, and reading and critical thinking skills. The constituent groups were surveyed.
With the input of many, the Leadership Team selected, “The Improvement of Mathematical Skills and Knowledge” as the topic for the GSU QEP. GSU is now engaged in developing the Quality Enhancement Plan.

How can I help GSU with the QEP and SACS Reaffirmation?
Read all information distributed by the University.
When given the opportunity, participate in surveys, questionnaires, projects, and meetings regarding the QEP.

The plan is being developed by a team of persons consisting of faculty, staff, and students. Updates on the status of the QEP will be provided to the Grambling Community on a regular basis.