Tabasco brings out taste

A Tabasco seminar took place in Washington-Johnson Complex Friday where Grambling State University students got a taste of the market industry. GSU students educated themselves about Tabasco hot sauce on how it works, where it is found, and why it is such a big product in restaurants.GSU students also had a chance to sample different flavors of this sauce to determine which brand they liked most. Tabasco hot sauce is known for its hot reputation. It can be used in recipes, meals, and gourmet kitchens nationwide. Tabasco is the largest selling hot sauce worldwide. It has been a part of the Louisiana culture since 1868.

The McIlhenny Co. Created this product in Avery Island. McIlhenny family relocated to Louisiana From Maryland. This family-based organization built their franchise from the ground up.

McIlhenny Co. has been producing Tabasco hot sauce for 132 years. McIlhenny creates thousands of jobs each year allowing college students to gain experience and knowledge in corporate America.

The McIlhenny Program has been with GSU for 10 years sending interns to different companies and branches nationwide. College students who work for McIlHenny will achieve many opportunities.

McIlhenny hires two students each semester depending on their performance with the network. This year, two students from GSU received internships to work with McIlhenny Tabasco. Vernette Simon and Christel Eugene, two students from St. Lucia, represents GSU.

“This internship is unique because it offered Christel and myself the benefit of having direct contact with the product and the customers,” Vernette Simon said.

“We got to apply what is learned in the classroom and explore many aspects of marketing.”

Chef Saul Williams, a local business owner, attended the event. He owns the popular restaurant Guillaymes Signature Creole in Shreveport and in Dallas. He commented when asked about his success with Tabasco.

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for five years. I just enjoy using Tabasco in a lot of recipes. Tabasco is the number. one request from customers in my restaurants.