Sophomore Class president makes plans

First of all let me start by welcoming all sophomores to the 2009 spring semester at Grambling State University. I hope all is well and that students strive to finish the semester with excellence. There are so many activities and events planned for the semester and YES, the activities will be done. Much involvement is asked from the class to ensure that your sophomore experience will be remembered.

I would like to acknowledge Jade Trader as being the Sophomore Class vice president. She has many wonderful ideas and strategies that will help bring our class to the position it needs to be in and I look forward to assisting her.

The first sophomore class meeting was held Feb. 12. There was information distributed concerning upcoming dates and events. There were fliers posted and messages sent via e-mail, Facebook and text to cell phones. I hope you didn’t miss anything.

The biggest way to promote meetings is by word of mouth. If you are aware of a meeting in which your class is involved, I challenge you to bring two to three other people with you.

You never know what will happen at a meeting, so it is wise that you attend. Please do not ignore this message. Nothing will get accomplished without cooperation from us all.

I hope each sophomore took advantage of the opportunity to receive assistance completing and renewing your FASFA for the 2009-2010 school year.

Sophomore Class, if you have any ideas or concerns, please feel free to talk to any Sophomore Class representatives. Let’s end the semester with a BANG.