Read first and stop spreading nonsense

Upon returning to campus from the HBCU conference, fresh from seemingly endless accolades for Grambling State University, I was informed that the rumor mill misinterpreted a new morsel. Last week’s sexual harassment cover story and the accompanying photograph supplied assumers fodder from which to run wild.

While I hoped that the article would stimulate discussion and possibly change a dangerous pattern, I was not prepared to hear that volunteers became subjects of faulty gab.

Perhaps subtlety is not the best approach.

So allow me to inform the campus, surrounding cities, cyber and actual world of the truth:

The models used in the photograph below the headline “Attacking Sexual Harassment” were not involved in any hanky panky.

They are frat family and friends (furthermore, Gramblinite staff members) who agreed to pose as visual aids accompanying the story.

Neither is or has been a victim nor a perpetrator of sexual harassment and/or assault.

I am disappointed that an article written under guises of granting local relevance to a national phenomenon was misconstrued as blatant exposure of the victimized.

I encourage morsel seekers to not only search for information, but to read and process what they read prior to labeling people, especially with regards to subjects as touchy as matters of sexuality.

Stop assuming. Start reading. Stop spreading nonsense.

What naysayers might find to be their latest tidbit is often harmful to other people. Would you want to be the face of sexual assault?

If an article alters the name of a victim to protect anonymity, why would that paper expose that person in as obvious a mode of communication as photography?

By the way, below the photo it stated photo illustration.