NFL Combine is worthless

Is that time of year again. This weekend, over 300 college college football players will tmake their was to Indianapolis, for the annual NFL Combine. This combine is used a measuring tool to see where a player is taken in April’s NFL draft. As a football fan and lover of the sport, I have to say ,each year the NFL combine becomes more pointless

The NFL combines does not prove that you are a football player. The players are out there are running 40 yard dashes, doing benches press repetitions and cone drills?

The NFL combine does not prove that you can play the NFL level. For example, last year’s sixth pick in NFL Draft,Defensive End Vernon Ghloston, who was taken by the New York Jets .

Due to his outstanding combine work, the Jets thought that he was going to be outstanding player and this year Gholston was irrelevant and at times looking like he had no idea what was going on. What about in 2006, when the 49 ers took

Vernon Davis out of Maryland with the sixth pick. In his three seasons in San Francisco he has managed 1132 yards in fthree seasons and the most attention he has gathered is when 49ers intern coach( now head coach) Mike Singletary sent him to the showers, which led to a big post game tirade

It is important to run a good 40 yard dash? Not really because it proves absolutely nothing. What if an average person had a good workout at the combine does that mean that they could be drafted?

They best way to judge a football player is the game film that you have on him. That is best way to determine whether you have a football player or a workout freak.