Miss Freshman wrecks the yard to help stop drunk driving

Posted on Feb. 20 @ 3:20 p.m. (CST)Lafayette native and Miss Freshman, LaDonna Williams doesn’t play sip and swerve.

Williams braved chilly winds in a crimson suit and black pumps to spread information about drunken driving Thursday during lunch hours.

Neon posters cautioned sippers to avoid inebriated joyrides. “No Drinking and Driving,” they read.

She explained the reasoning behind her platform.

“I had a few incidents happen to me in high school . I don’t want to die from an incident like that.”

First Year Experience instructor, Lawanda Sykes, also snazzy in red, smilingly helped Williams hand out brochures, while she encouraged student safety over the Mardi Gras break.

“You guys be careful,” she said.

Many nodded.

Sykes explained that their outfits symbolized the lost lives due to drunken driving accidents. Both ladies stopped several clusters of students mid-stride and pinned passersby with black ribbons.

Freshman C.I.S. major Stephen Wilson of Shreveport supported the cause and criticized tipsy drivers. “It’s wrong. It’s reckless, endangering the lives of other people for their enjoyment.