A Different Perspective

From day one, little black children in America are taught that their ancestors are special, unique, and have their own list of accomplishments that make them historical figures in our country. Of course we know, love, and respect the days in February as Black History Month, but are black people the only ones to celebrate it? Possibly there have been other races that have secretly not recognized its importance. Perhaps others don’t understand the reason for a Black History Month and wish it wasn’t such a big deal. Do other nationalities feel the importance of Black History Month?

“I think celebrating Black History Month is pretty fair,” explained freshman Jeff Carter a student at Louisiana Tech. “There are plenty of holidays that deal with white Americans in history. It is definitely necessary to honor people who’ve made such a difference like Martin Luther King Jr. We should honor all the black Americans who have accomplished something great in history. Sometimes I think people have forgotten the true meaning of the month and tend to take things out of hand.”

Growing up, Carter recalls Bar-B-Q’s as celebration in his hometown of Homer, La but doesn’t recall ever becoming involved in them.

High school Agriculture teacher Lisa Shook at Choudrant High School also mentions that because of Choudrant being a predominantly white school with a very small percentage of black students at the school, there isn’t much of a celebration during February.

“Although my class doesn’t do anything in particular for Black History Month, there are several displays of information in regards to the month in the library,” said Shook.

Mother of two small children Courtney Nalley from Jonesboro admitted she has never participated in any Black History Month celebrations, but does agree that it is an important time for our country to recognize.

“No matter what color, a person should be noticed for great things that they do. It’s [Black History Month] a really great thing to get started.”

Just from this information, it is probably safe to conclude that mainly black people celebrate Black History Month. It can also be agreed that people of all colors do believe in its importance, but play no role in the education and remembrance of it.

Although the city of Ruston has no plans for some sort of Black History Month community celebration, the city of Grambling including the University has a variety of different activities and events in recognition for all to enjoy.