Police chief improving campus with safety upgrades

New dorms are not the only added features to Grambling State University. Police Chief Craig Nance also has approximately 10 new safety policies that he hopes to install onto the campus and the surrounding community. One of the new programs is labeled Operation ID. Theft is the No. 1 crime committed on any campus, according to Chief Nance. In order to help rectify this problem, Nance believes he has a solution, which would include officers taking random walks around the dormitories to ensure students’ doors are locked, windows are closed, and keys out of the door.

If anything appears potentially unsafe, officers will leave notices with a message “Gotcha.” This message will inform students of what danger could have possibly happened because of their negligence.

Operation ID is just one of the many safety policies Chief Nance has in mind.

We have all seen cars speed through campus, especially down R.W.E. Jones Drive, and pay little attention to the pedestrians. “Watch That Tiger” is a program that is designed to give respect to the pedestrians, crosswalks, and speed limits around campus through informational seminars.

Pedestrians by law have the right-of-way, but Chief Nance also feels the pedestrians have a responsibility to watch out for cars whose driver just might not see them if they suddenly enter on the street.

Have you been pulled over by an officer or seen it happen to someone else on campus and wonder, “What this time?” Chief Nance has the perfect program to clear up the confusion.

An answer is on the way with a program he’s calling “All Are One.” This program will help inform and clear up the confusion of why officers stop individuals for certain reasons and what officers’ expectations are from the students. This program will let you know what not to do before you do it to prevent being pulled over.

Chief Nance has his sights set high for making key changes in safety around the campus of GSU.

With 10 new programs, he realizes they all are not going to happen overnight and it could even take a year or so. On the other hand, he does have a goal of starting two or three of the programs next month with one of them being “Watch That Tiger.”

Meanwhile some safety procedures will continue like the officer dorm safety presentations on drugs, alcohol, theft, and rape prevention.