NBA Finals preview?

As I watched the Lakers and the Cavs play this past Sunday, I thought to myself could this be an NBA Finals preview?If this prediction holds up, I thought to myself, what a series it would be.

This would be a match up of not only the best two teams in the NBA but also the best two players in the NBA that we have seem in some time.

The Lakers who are 41-9 and are led by Kobe Bryant,who is averaging over 27 points and seven assists. The Cleveland Cavs are led by Lebron James, who is averaging over 28 points and seven rebounds a game. This game would be must-see television because both stars are carrying chips on their shoulders.

Lebron James has been to the NBA finals; however was swept 4-0 by the San Antonio Spurs.

Since Shaquille O’Neal left the Los Angeles Lakers in 2004, Kobe has not won a NBA title. When he lead the Lakers to the NBA finals last year, he had a chance to silence his critics but after losing the finals 4-2, Bryant is hungrier than ever for an NBA championship.

Besides Kobe and Lebron, the people around these two players have gotten a lot better. For the Cavs, the acquisition of all star guard Mo Williams has really helped out Lebron James, also for the Lakers with emergence of Andrew Bynum (before he got injured) has become the force that the Lakers lacked last season.

This prediction could be one of many, the Cavs have an easier way to finals because in the Eastern Conference, the only threat to them is the Boston Celtics. However, the Lakers have the San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Honets to worry about.

It’s only February, so we really don’t know what is going to happen, but I think that these two will be in the NBA finals this June.

The Cavs and the Lakers are not only the best two teams in their conference but are the best two teams in the NBA period.