Lyrical Quest members show talent and style

After the lights dimmed and voices hushed, a new face of GSU was revealed. Last Thursday in Woodson Hall from exactly 7:21 p.m. until about 9 p.m., students experienced the Lyrical Quest.Young men and women poured their hearts out in front of a very lively audience, which was as easy to encourage as it was ready to critique performers who forgot their lines or just, could not seem to hit that note.

The richness of the campus’ talent was awe-inspiring for most attendees such as Clark Toombs, a junior business management major from Monroe.

Toombs thought Lyrical Quest “was a good experience, seeing poetry in its rawest and best form being performed at Grambling.”

The Lyrical Quest included different forms of artistic expression such as singing, poetry and even miming. One of the several memorable acts of the night came from Elijah, whom most students have seen around campus.

Elijah presented a deep poem about following one’s calling and standing for one’s beliefs.

The Lyrical Quest crew made a trip to Prairie view University last Saturday for a poetry stand-off against other universities.

According to Sociology major junior, Bradon Scott from Cincinatti who is a poet with the Lyrical Quest, funding for this trip was mostly out of pocket.

Jerome Williams, who is a senior and one of the starters of the Lyrical Quest, was pleased and encouraged by the growth of the Lyrical Quest, and he is sure it will keep growing even after he graduates.

Considering the humble begining of this group as a few people getting together in Building 600, and their meager fundings, what keeps the Lyrical Quest going, according to Scott, and attracts crowds today is the poets’ passion.

Passion, is what the Lyrical Quest is about.

The group provides the opportunity for GSU students from various backgrounds and walks to express themselves artistically and learn from each others’ works.