Grambling Campus Ministry seeks help

You have kept us going in campus ministry! While many campus ministries in recent years have been closing in other states outside of Louisiana; Grambling State University United Campus Ministry has remained open with generous contributions from alumni, friends, families and supporters of extended ministry in higher education. But the crisis of inflationary costs coupled with declining enrollment has not by passed Grambling’s Campus Ministry. We have fought the financial crisis cutting back on many programmatic events, but not sacrificing our mission to God’s great commission.

We have, as a leadership team decided to keep four of our most valuable ministries which truly speak to Isaiah 58…the true fast. During Advent we reached out to 100 children of the storm in New Orleans whose parents are incarcerate; by collecting and distributing gifts to “Angle Tree Kids”.

Each month we render chapel worship to the youth at the Methodist Children home, in Ruston. GSU-Student with a testimony serves in Louisiana Epiphany Ministry to Swanson Youth Correctional Center in Monroe, each semester for community service; we also serve the homeless community in New Orleans, annually in February. We continue to build character, leadership and spiritual growth in the lives of our young adults.

This semester we will be taking over 20 students to our annual Leadership Mission Trip to New Orleans (Feb. 20-25). We are seeking donations for those students who will not be able to pay for their lodging at the North Rampart Community Center which is $50 for five nights.

We will render worship service and fellowship to the homeless on Sunday morning, at the St. Mark’s church in the Treme area of New Orleans, Friday the students will work with the children and youth of the North Rampart Community Center, Monday will be leadership workshops and we will end with a tour of the ninth ward, and the homeless clinic.

We are also seeking donations of first aid items for the homeless clinic at Mt. Zion and Ryan Methodist church. They serve the homeless community medical needs on Tuesday and Friday nights.

Items such as: bandages, cotton balls, cartons of ban-aids, gauze, adhesive tape (various sizes), Q-Tips, peroxide, rubbing alcohol (clear and green), neosporin;

Non-latex gloves (various sizes), face masks, alcohol pad, anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper.

If you wish to send these items, you may send them to Mt. Zion UMC -Memo: Clinic at 2700 Louisiana Ave. New Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 895-6110.