Things won’t change ‘Just Because’

Just because Obama was elected President of the U.S. A. does not stop crackers from hating nor does it stop racism in our country.Certainly Obama has accomplished a feat we thought would never happen in our lifetime. He made us proud as he and yes we can theme have given hope to a new generation of Americans. His victory is our victory-which brings out the goodness of all Americans.

But just because he was elected does not mean that the Klan is on vacation nor does it mean that police brutality has vacated this county.

Just because Obama sits in the Oval Office, does not mean that job and educational discrimination have ended-it simply mean his opposers have to design new strategies to accomplish their goals. Reality check, most of us believe that the Brown Decision in 1954 was a panacea to end all our problems, boy did the pull the wool over our eyes. Let us not be fooled with this. Hello.

Just because Obama was elected does not mean he is the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream, it is a good start and those who believe in the Constitution want America to live up to its creed where all persons are equal under the laws of our land.

Just because Obama won does not mean he is the savior of America. What it does mean is that he is the embodiment of all that is good in America and he truly believes that all Americans, the straight, the gay, the down trodden, the lame, the poor, the rich, the Jew, the Muslim, the gentile, the native American, the Hispanic and women should have a seat at the table of American brotherhood.

We pray for Michelle, his family and this engentic man of faith who has the compassion to understand and value the opinion of ordinary Americans we believe that no obstacle can stop us when American unite and believe yes, we can, yes, we can.

Copyright c 2009 by Jimmy McJamerson. All rights reserved.