Meet the Greeks

Many students made their way to the Black and Gold Room at the Favrot Student Union for the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s 2009 Meet the Greeks On Tuesday and Wednesday night. All nine organizations were present and ready to give the student body a glimpse into their exclusive world.The ladies kicked things off Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. with an introduction from the NPHC President Gabriel Burkes. As he gave a brief history of the council, the young women were still searching for seats in the crowded and overheated room.

Even under these conditions, there was still an ambiance of sisterhood in the air that many hopefuls were trying to channel, but all focus quickly turned to Beverly Crawford, director of Student Judicial Affairs and her presentation on Anti-Hazing.

“It’s a deadly game. no joke,” she shouted in order to shed light on the seriousness of the matter.

Once she finished, many were ready for the main event, meeting the women of the Divine Nine.

Each sorority gave a brief history and important need-to-know facts about their particular group. When asked what were the main qualities they were looking for in a prospective member, all responded with, “hard work and dedication.”

As the night came to a close, the ladies hastily jumped from their chairs and began to hover the station of their choice.

“I never knew a lot about the organizations, other than their colors.” a sophomore from Chicago majoring in biology commented, I’m happy they gave us an opportunity to get some vital information tonight.”

The room slowly but surely became empty and now the focus was going to be on the gentleman’s informational for Wednesday.

The Black and Gold Room just wasn’t the same for the guys. With plenty of seats to spare, Otis Jones, adviser for the Gamma Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, asked that all hats be removed before he gave the male version of the Anti-Hazing presentation.

On this particular evening, the information was given with a more interactive approach. Before there was any mention of what each organization had to offer, they all gave their intake on how they deal with hazing and that it is not tolerated.

The session lightened up with information about all five fraternities. Each gave a presentation and allowed room for questions. After they were done, like the girls but in a subtle atmosphere, the young men headed to the table of their interest.

“Overall, everything was good and well put together,” responded Kofi Arhin, a junior from Tallahassee, Fla. about the event.

The room emptied and everyone left with a bit of insight towards what group they would possibly want to join.

All attendees from both nights seem to have gotten the information they wanted. And because of this event, some of the faces seen these past two nights may even be representing their organization of choice in the near or distant future.