Welcome back, Grambling, to a new beginning

A pervasive rumor mill welcomed students to a barren campus last week. The grapevine rustled with tales of campus shindigs, supposedly cancelled classes, a foodless cafeteria, lockout fees and all manner of other madness.New dorms provided solace as homes away from home. The winding hallways were mostly unmarred by trash.

Svelte physiques flew around the track. Snowboots scurried about. Locals “made” groceries. Others purchased. Fresh hairdos crowned ladies. Others rocked the 24 hour uncombed wrap. The Xpress revived itself as the official meet and greet, while bodies mashed into genuine embraces.

Neon signs likely visible in Cairo, informed us that visitation is prohibited.

Welcome back to Grambling State University .

If this is your first semester, the same greetings are extended.

Every semester someone is asked to compile sacred Tiger tenets, infuse universal humor and/or the latest epiphany to create something brand spanking fresh and new at the beginning of the semester.

This is a pseudo mandatory survival column from a self-help proponent. It is my hope that this is helpful.

While I don’t want to become cyclical, I ask that everyone take note of academic solemnity. Gramblinite staff members were informed that an alleged 1,300 SAP letters were sent, or are soon to be sent.

The Obama era of updated modernized Blacks – academically ineligible for everything?

A 2.0 is not usually difficult to maintain. Unless Blackboard converted to Braille, we don’t really have plausible circumstances from which to consistently fail.

There may be myriad methods to rectify this dilemma, but all are personal and proven viable once improvements are made. Maybe generation Weezy needs a revised mantra.

G.O.E. Grades Over Everything? Or at least A.O.E., being Average Over Everything.

Perhaps the latest forearm ink should have two point zero emblazoned on it. Thirteen hundred letters ought to cool the spring fever certain to plague campus once temperatures, hormones and wardrobes run amok.

This semester is going to fly. With social events and two holidays around the corner it can be easy to allow too much time to elapse. However, time management defines college.

We are adults.

It is not a matter of peer hierarchy or journalistic superiority. However, in order to maximize the collegiate experience, one should be first officially registered, and second proficient.

Let’s pinkie promise each other to recycle the Obama passion. As that energy is reincarnated via us, we can strive. Though success looks different to every believer in it, we can all attain it.

Enjoy spring.