‘Left 4 Dead’ begs for a sequel

After a long line of Resident Evil games featuring the flesh-eating Zombies, Turtle Rock Studios developed a classical first-person shooter game, Left 4 Dead, which was release in the late fall of 2008. The game was released on the X-Box game console and has been a very popular game. The game is based on four people who have survived several hordes of flesh eating zombies. Unlike the Resident Evil series, the zombies are running full speed toward you and coming in packs of 20 or more to attack, as seen in the movies Dawn of the Dead and 28 Weeks Later.

Not only do you have hordes of zombies chasing you. You also have to watch out for five different creatures. One is called the Hunter, in which he hops around building to building and, when least expected, he flies down and attacks you. In addition, you have another creature called the Smoker, in which he blends in with the zombies from a distance and uses his tongue to drag you over to him.

One of the main strategies is to stay together with the other three survivors because one of the two creatures can and will attack you when you are caught standing alone. The faster you move toward the goal, the less you have to worry about hordes of zombies charging for you.

Another creature you have to deal with is a fat zombie called a Bloomer, who spits acid that attracts hordes of zombies to you. The Tank is an overgrown monster who is very strong and it takes everyone’s participation to kill him.

The witch, the fifth and final creature, sits off randomly in the middle of your path. You have an opportunity to run past her and nothing will occur. But if you bother her, she will rise and attack quickly and violently.

One of the better options of the game is the online and multi-player feature. It is very entertaining to play with friends while playing a game this intense. There is another feature where you can play as the zombies.

One of the only light problems with the game play is that you already know what to expect once you’ve played it once or twice. There are Four Chapters with Five levels on each, and you will pretty much get the same vibe and idea on each of the chapters and levels.

Unlike in the Resident Evil series, there are many bosses and there is no specific level; it is one entire game. There is no true ending to Left 4 Dead, because of the different chapters.

Overall, this game deserves 9 out of 10 and is recommended to any fans of shooting games. It is fast-paced and intense. A sequel to this game would definitely be a success.