Internationally famous Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble to perform at the Dixie Tuesday

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, this internationally famous dance group will begin its Louisiana tour in Ruston at the Dixie Center for the Arts on Tuesday. The Dixie Center and Russ Town Society will hold a School Show at 12 noon (sold out) and public performance at 7 p.m. These events are sponsored by Russ Town Society, and grants from Walmart and Shreveport Regional Arts Council. The Dancers’ Luncheon is being sponsored by The Monroe-Grambling Chapter of Links, Inc.

The Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble enchants and enthralls with a new family friendly production called the Interactive Performance. This singular theatrical experience reveals and demystifies the world of the dance artist and the audience is invited to be actively involved in the event.not just as passive observers. They have the chance to ask questions, and, at one point, they are even invited to join the dancers on stage.

To celebrate Dance Theatre of Harlem’s 40th Anniversary in 2009 an inaugural seven-week, national tour has been organized. The ensemble is made up of young dancers (ages 18 – 25) trained in the DTH style that has transformed perceptions around the world.

North Louisiana can be proud of the fact that one of the DTHE dancers is Ashley Murphy from Shreveport, Louisiana. The ultimate goal of the project is to widen audience awareness of the relevance of the classical arts and to engage them in theatrical dance.

Central to the Interactive Performance is a ballet performance that opens audiences to see the world in a whole different light. It features live piano music, a narrator to serve as a guide “to take you along the journey,” and classic DTH repertoire. The variety of the high quality artistic content gives the presentation a fast pace.

Dance Theatre of Harlem is an “American Classic.” Don’t miss the opportunity to see this ensemble at the Dixie.

For more information visit the Dixie website at www.dixiecenter.org or call 318-255-1450 for tickets (Visa/MC).