Students seek policy decision from Dixon

Caribbean Leading Young Professional Student Organization (CALYPSO) held a meeting with the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Robert M. Dixon at 11:00 am on November 25, in Grambling Hall. This meeting was prompted by a letter and accompanied by a petition signed by international students who addressed Dixon on Nov. 6. The central issue of discussion was the transfer of credits. This was the third meeting held to discuss matters peculiar to the international students enrolled at Grambling State University.

Dixon promptly entered the meeting and was accompanied by an attendant. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the International Office; Hui Dang, International Student Advisor; the Special Assistant to Mahmoud Lamadanie, The Executive Associate Vice President & Executive Director of the Center for International Affairs, Katie Knable and the Registrar, Patricia Hutcherson. The Provost delayed the meeting by about 15 minutes.

In the letter addressed to Dixon on Nov. 6 international students complained the issue of transferred credits remained unresolved. Students bemoaned inconsistencies present in the way in which their credits transferred. As a result the students made certain recommendations to the provost.

The meeting commenced at about 11:25 am. “All institutions have to conform to certain rules,” Dixon said. He went on to say that there are rules which are peculiar to an institution and that the issues of transfer of credits will be resolved within the parameters of these rules. Despite this, Dixon did acknowledge that in the college’s attempt to diversify the campus, many international students were admitted in manner which was not consistent with university policy.

Questions were delivered by CALYPSO representative Derwin Emmanuel regarding CALYPSO’s membership. The rustling of bodies in the seats, the quick show of hands and stray murmurs, showed audience dissatisfaction with the answers to their questions.

The meeting ended at about 1:35 p.m., as Dixon indicated that he had other matters to of which to attend. The international students patiently await this decision.