Job Fair offers students a chance to get a job

The 35th annual Super Job and College fair took place at the New Orleans Marriott before any of the other festivities going on for the weekend. “I think it’s great that the job fair comes as one of the first events during the Bayou Classic. It’s always exciting to see what internships and jobs are being offered,” commented Southern student Jessica Loyle.

The job fairs just don’t seem to be like they used to. This past Friday there were undergraduates and graduates looking for schools and places to work. There were 37 venues. 19 colleges and 18 career booths. Students were eager to search for the best job offers and the best colleges that would benefit them and their future.

When asked how much do you enjoy the annual Bayou Classic job fairs, one replied, “Getting the chance to look for a job.”

It’s many times disappointing going to job fairs and there are not many options to choose from. Kevin Taylor, GSU student said, “I feel bad because we need more black educators and for the fair to not have more informational opportunities available for education majors it makes it not look as important.”

The best booth that gave a college presentation was Southern University. On their undergraduate table, they had yearbooks to give away, pom poms, cups, lanyards, and pens which was quite appealing. They also had copies of their curriculum as well as cds, and pamphlets. There were employees eager to explain what advantages their colleges had.

Grambling’s booth was skimpy. They didn’t have much memorabilia to give out nor much information to choose from. When asked about graduate departments, there was no one that could be of some true help to the graduates program.

Just a few years ago the fair was bigger, there were more venues and people. “There’s not as many venues. The whole room used to be full of booths for colleges and jobs. I can remember when they used to have contests for VIP Bayou Classic tickets, ” said Chris Lewis.

For the most part, the fair was exciting. Every booth had information to offer and they were willing to give any advice needed. It’s not every time that someone will find exactly what they are looking for at a job fair, but it does help to open everyone to different routes in their career.