Group observes World AIDS Day

Through the harsh icy winds and the cold pouring rain came a group of men dedicated to leadership, friendship, and service, the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega National Fraternity. On Monday, members of Alpha Phi Omega passed out information about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in front of Student Union from noon to 2 p.m.

Grambling State University is one of the many HBCUs that has sky rocketing cases of HIV and STDs. Authorities agree that the only way to stop this epidemic is to get tested and practice safe sex or abstinence.

For the students who received information about AIDS awareness was given a red ribbon to place over their hearts to indicate their support in finding a cure for the disease.

Brandon Tilman, president of the Grambling Chi Nu chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, said, “The weather held out pretty good and the level of participation from students was astonishing.”

Alpha Phi Omega member Raymond Moreland said, “From passing out information to the students about AIDS awareness, we should encourage the students to think wisely about safe sex and remember that AIDS is real. It can happen to anyone.”

The brothers of Alpha Phi Omega expressed appreciation for student support in efforts to make AIDS awareness a success.