Blog: Naptime at the SWAC Championship

First problem.we got to Legion Field late. This already had me aggravated. Add to that, this was supposed to be a live blog, but since there was once again no Internet access in the press box, it won’t be. It didn’t matter though, because this was as ugly as the State Fair Classic was, only this time, we jumped out early.The crowd was nowhere near as active as the Southern fans under the Press Box at the Bayou Classic, but it didn’t matter, since GSU absolutely mauled Jackson State. By the time they poured the cooler out onto Coach Broadway, the Jackson State side was virtually deserted.

This was so one sided that I think I may have dozed off during the Third Quarter, but maybe I’m tripping. The chick giving out stats was rude as hell. I understand there is such a thing as professionalism, but yelling over a PA system for silence as if she is an angry babysitter is just out of line.

Speaking of things being out of line, they told people they could only get like two hot dogs while in the Press Area. Those of you reading this may think I’m just whining, but when a reporter can’t leave his post, the only chance one can get to get a drink or a snack is the catering in the press area. Two hot dogs are not enough to even slightly nourish a grown man.

Despite being late, having back pain, and every other gripe that I have aired out here, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Nothing was better than watching GSU completely deconstruct and demoralized Jackson State.I thought you knew, B****!