A&S editor says goodbye

And so, it has come to this. After multiple setbacks, frustrations, and one significant natural disaster, I am set to make my triumphant exit from Grambling State University.I can’t say that this has been an easy journey, but I can say that I am grateful to have gone through this experience. I’m not really big on sappy, overblown goodbyes, and those whom I consider friends and have bonded with since arriving at GSU are shown how I feel about them whenever I see them.

It’s like the old folks say: “Give them their roses while they can see them.” I will, however, say to everyone that I have considered a friend while at Grambling: Thank you.

Thank you for being there when I was stranded in the rain at Washington Complex and needed a ride to Richmond Hall. Thank you for listening to me moan and wail about everything from my mom’s health to classes to my relationship. Thank you for not meaning it when you called me a geek because of my video game collection. And finally, thank you for respecting my mind when I needed to have a cry in the reading room.

I know that my fellow staff members here at The Gramblinite were waiting for me to “go in,” but I don’t know if I really want to. I mean, let’s be adults about this. How would it benefit me to go on a tirade about how the Accounting Office screwed up my student account to the point that I owe them money.

I could talk about how it’s amazing that people still don’t practice safe sex in 2008! I could even talk about how people constantly complain about GSU but refuse to leave or try to help fix anything. I won’t though, ’cause that just isn’t the “Tiger way” of doing things.

I am concerned about the students still at Grambling. You are at a place where, for all its faults, the people in authority actually give a damn about you. They will, however, turn on you faster than a pit bull if you disrespect them.

I was in a few classes this semester where the teacher was probably going to pass everyone, but was driven to be extremely difficult because students didn’t respect them.

So, I want to give the students of Grambling State University the last bit of advice I will impart on them as a fellow student: Just shut up sometimes. I assure you that arguing and being a general nuisance to instructors will warrant you nothing but a failing grade.

You can attract a lot more flies with sugar than poop, and sometimes being the nice guy in a classroom will get you the grade you may want, but not necessarily have earned.

I’ve run out of things to say now, and so I will walk away like Bill Bixby on the old Incredible Hulk show. Again, I thank everyone who has been a positive influence on my time here at GSU.

I won’t try to name people because I will forget someone, but if you have to think for more than three seconds about the impact we have had on each other, then I’m not talking about you. But for those I am talking about, I love you all. I’m glad I got to be around for a while, but I got to go. I’ll get at y’all later.