A.C. Lewis Library personnel share a little

The second evening of sharing was an event of reaching out to the International students of Grambling State University. The event was born as an act of love and kindness of two people in the A.C. Lewis Memorial Library.”After working with students (mainly international), Dr. Rosemary Mokia and I provided assistance for some basic needs of students who attended our churches,” said Jerry Brooks, GSU library employee.

When asked why he goes out of his way to assist persons he doesn’t know? Books responded that after most students pay the university and rent, they mainly live from day to day. Brooks said he talked with his pastor about feeding eight students for Thanksgiving Day and things expanded from there.

“I talked with Rev. Sumler and he asked me to move the dinner to the New Rocky Valley Fellowship Hall. After receiving help from other members of the church, we feed over 51 people,” Brooks said.

The students were given words of welcome by Mayor Martha Andrus, Pastor Julius Sumler, along with others. The day truly became a day of thanksgiving. Many of the students not only enjoyed the meal but also received gifts that they could use.

“It was a beautiful affair. The part I liked most was the giving of personal items, blankets, pillows and other things needed for everyday use,” said Marlon Marion, senior from Portland.

Sangeet Shrestha, a freshman from Nepal, said ” It was a nice experience and the first time I attended anything like this. The food was different, but it was very good and I loved that.