Zac Posen’s Spring 2009 Review

The fashionably famished, alluring leopard print gowns and shoulder grazing earrings, amongst other exotic signatures in Zac Posen’s spring 2009 line, are sure to satisfy- assuming the recipients’ funds back up their hunger for haute.Posen has been backed by Sean Combs since 2004 and is hailed by www.notablebioraphies.com as “the design world’s latest prodigy.” The New York native and classically talented designer is not only genetically fortunate with olive skin and a chiseled jaw line, but also easy on a woman’s silhouette..

In attempts to highlight curves and create the illusion of “perfect” figure eight shapes, most shifts cinched at the waist. Fat days were nearly erased with his whimsical dresses.

The ruching effect will likely be more notable on average women than it was on the high powered waifs strutting the runway. The purpose of clingy is having something on which to cling.

Variety was the spice of the line. ROY G BIV hues and A-line cuts detracted from trouble spots while enhancing physiques with beautiful designs.

Some dresses would befit a prom princess and others offered iris innuendos about after hours activities. There was glitz and glamour for the bolder customers. Fitted, studded and faux shredded ensembles highlighted the confidence in ladies equally comfortable being elegant and vampy.

Sexier numbers were paired with sky high solid heels and unapologetic amounts of gam. He hinted at party nights by adding silver statement pieces. Chandelier earrings contrasted with faux-hawks, but didn’t clash with the dominating makeup.

Ferocious frocks appealed to the every day woman’s inner mamacita, as they billowed like salsa skirts, and fell just before the floor.

Young black modeling sensation, Jourdan Dunn was photographed on the catwalk with amethyst hued lipstick. The same hue showcased the beauty of Ataui Deng’s midnight skin.

Amidst plunging necklines and barren shoulders, the clavicle was definitely the new cleavage.

As the show progressed, photographs of the designs became darker and held more mystique.

For those unable to make Fashion Week, (self included), footage of the show, in addition to the charming couture is available online.

However, with $1,000 knit cardigans and $800 skirts, I plan to remain an appreciator of the art while anxiously reveling in the beauty accompanying sale-rummaging-and-thrift-store-scouring, while keeping my fee sheet.