Team submits over $4 million proposals

A team of math and science faculty under the leadership of Dr. M.A. Himaya, Dr. Felix Ifeanyi, and Dr. Parashu Sharma submitted recently two grant applications for over $4 million dollars for a period of five years each to the NIH. These grant proposals include the renewal MARC application for $2,663,322, and the renewal Bridge application for $1,948,080. The major common goal of these grant proposals is to train students at GSU to become competitive for admission to and the completion of Ph.D. degrees in biomedical sciences. The purpose and goals of these grants are:

The overall goal of the MARC renewal application is to increase the number of MARC graduates admitted to Ph.D. programs in biomedical sciences. Twenty-eight MARC and Pre-MARC graduates are currently pursuing Ph.D. degrees in biomedical sciences at several research intensive institutions throughout the country.

The graduation rate of MARC students from GSU is 96% compared to the national rate of 44% for African American students at state supported flagship universities. The MARC fellowship is up to $33,102 for resident student and up to $43,130 for non-resident student.

Grambling State University has had the MARC Program for 10 years. Dr. Himaya is the Director/PI of the MARC grant.

The purpose of the Bridge renewal application is to expand the existing program activities and strengthen the established partnership among Southern University- Shreveport (SUSLA), Grambling State University (GSU), the applicant institution, and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – Shreveport (LSUHSC-S).

The main goal of the partnership is to develop and implement activities that will enhance the competitiveness of students to facilitate seamless transfer to GSU or other senior institutions. Out of 232 students who participated in the Bridge Program since inception in 1994, 142 students (70%) graduated from SUSLA with 66% achieved 3 point GPA. In addition, 55% of Bridge graduates from Southern University, Shreveport transferred to senior institutions including GSU.

The graduation rate of Bridge students from the baccalaureate degrees is 62% compared to the national rate of 44% for African American students at state supported flagship universities. Dr. Himaya is the director/PI of the Bridge Program.