—GSU vs. Tech in football?

Grambling has a great fan base. We have fans all across the nation who would give their all to this university, and its great to watch us play against non conference teams to show the world that we can play with almost anybody on our schedule. The question is can we break down the barriers in our on backyard? We played ULM, Northwestern, Nevada, Pittsburgh, McNeese in the past. In all these games we were predicted to get blown out in each of these games but we showed up in high fashion. Right here in this area stands two prominent universities, Louisiana Tech and Grambling.

Grambling plays Tech in baseball, basketball, golf, and tennis. Wouldn’t it be history witnessing Gambling State University play Tech in football? The game itself would be in a nutshell by anticipating a 20,000 plus crowd, tailgate parties, battle of bands. This would be an event promoters dream by having two universities less than five minutes away take the field in 2009. It would be the Wac vs. SWAC showcase.

Why can’t Grambling play Tech? They traveled to Alabama, Mississippi and far other places to play teams, why not play the team that is right down the street? The team can carpool to the game.