Black beauty Obama style

Behind powerful men are persistent women.Who better embodies this than minority communities? As Black people, most of our males navigate the terrain of today’s manhood under matriarchy.

With such ever present estrogen, it is imperative that we celebrate (wo)man power as of late. Whether we agree with the politics of this year’s female participants or not, we must acknowledge that their presence implies progress.

Even the most prominent, least read candidate highlighted the importance of attempting to appease female voters.

Implications and second place tickets aside, shall we revere Michelle Obama?

Not only is she the ultimate modern day wife- unapologetically beautiful and degreed by the nation’s name brand universities, but also she stepped back from a law career to support her man’s pursuit of a more inclusive society.

She is the perfect anti-stereotype to perpetuated myths about the attitudinal, lonely, tactless, castrating Black woman of the past.

As is the case with the case with many legends, it seems to take one to make one.

Her mother, Marian Robinson told Ebony magazine about raising children in a “thinking” household, and highlighted the First Lady’s character.

“She always wanted to do her best, and I don’t think it had anything to do with outdoing someone else. It’s within her.”

That message of general perseverance is something that connects her to countless Americans. She shows that hard work reaps rewards.

With dedication to changing lives in Chicago , she practiced for the world’s stage. That dedication is yet another link between her and us.

In many of our homes we develop intent for benevolence. Many raise children in churches hoping that biblical messages will transcend to audience action.

But, words only pack as much power as the people who decide to execute the ideals. Lady Obama is the sermon that so many lost ones needed to see.

In a society marred by warped skin color and status correlations, we birthed evolution. Obama Tuesday sent bigots back to the drawing board.

While many attempted to redesign rules, Michelle earned success by following the theoretical American achievement formula. She employed faith, family and refused to sit idly.

She is the Sista we asked the media to cultivate.

She is smart. She showcases diction over derriere.

She is not the conventional, pseudo-Black looking object of adoration.

She is not just the first Black first lady. She personifies more than visual validation of our cinnamon, coffee, and café con leche sentimentalities.

She is more than a fashion forward spouse or a physically fit PTA mom. Her biceps don’t outweigh her civic engagements or her dedication to family.

Michelle Obama is our next door neighbor and an anomaly. Her can-do smile and we-shall-overcome story is the fuel needed to rev our spirits.

Many of you are already ahead of statistical expectations. Black and in college? Or in times of economic uncertainty, breathing and employed?

We must continue the work until systemic disenfranchisement can no more render us lost causes than we choose to fall victim to it.

Black women once referred to as mules in Zora Neale Hurston’s literary and actual world, have stepped graciously to the forefront.

The Obama family shows Black women, the least likely to be married and most likely to die prematurely, a vessel of hope.

If we work dutifully on our educations, being healthy, happy people and replenishing our communities through service, we too, might become the face of progress.

She is the first step to continuing this dance.

Together we create “the new world beauty beat”, coined by supermodel, Iman. After all, everyone from the world’s most powerful man to the postman is sure to fall readily in stride.