Barack Obama is no messiah

My grandmother always said “keep living and you will see” however one of the things I am sure she did not expect to see is America elect Barack Obama as president. The dream of having someone in a political office that they can relate to is one that is shared by many. Now the real story of Obama’s presidential legacy must begin. During the campaigns of both John McCain and Barack Obama a dream of change was seen to be one that the American people sought.

Many people came out in droves during this past political campaign to support their candidate and his ideas. The notion of “change” is one that really resounded with the public rather it was the changing of formally republican (red states) to democratic (blue states) strongholds, the record populace that came to the polls, and the election of a candidate who preached he was the “change we could believe in”.

The challenge now is to make those transformations that were campaign promises a reality. We can’t lose sight of achieving a dream of a new America by holding Barack Obama as some sort of Messiah who will change everything on his own.

In a democracy it is our duty to make our leaders reflect us the people- they have chosen to serve. As George W. Bush attempts a graceful yet lame duck ending to a controversial term in office many are looking to Obama as some sort of historic leader sent to perfect the world.

Yes, this is a significant victory not only for African Americans and the Democratic Party, but also for all Americans.

We must remember that is, we the people- that it’s our job to hold our government accountable. Obama does not have some magic button that will fix the cost of health insurance, alter the current auto industry crisis, or even lower tuition immediately.

These things will take time. Not only will it take time but also take a strong effective government with an American public to back it up that will become more active in its government and political issues.

Now that Obama has been elected as president it is not the time to hold him up as some sort of black Adonis judging him constantly and making his election look as if it was a mockery.

His goal is to not only “change how politics are being played but to change the game entirely” we must hold him accountable of his actions especially as African Americans as his achievements and follies will reflect on the American people.

As responsible citizens it is not our job to boost the Obama camp’s ego but rather to hold the administration accountable to create a change in America that we can believe in.