School has the double trouble or double delight

Grambling Middle School has three sets of twins. Two are identical and the other set fraternal.Brad Lamon Young and Chad Lamonte Young were born on Oct. 17. Brad is the older of the two siblings and they reside in Arcadia.

Teachers and students have no difficulty identifying these two brothers. Kendra T’anee Carr and Kenya Bransha Carr are identical twins in the sixth grade.

Distinguishing between the two can be difficult. They were born on May 7 and live in Arcadia.

Kendra wants to be a dancer when she grows up, and Kenya wants to be a singer.

Joining these are Minisha Nicole Johnson and Denisha Nichelle Johnson who were born on April 26 and live in Lisbon.

Minisha wants to be an artist and Denisha wants to be a veterinarian. It is not often that a campus can see three sets of twins, but we enjoy trying to determine who is who on any given day.

Most days provide us with double delight but there are times when it means double trouble when the twins decide to play games. However, our delight is in having you as students at Grambling Middle.