Psychology class launches ‘Feed the Children’

A mash up of the times has arrived. Psychoanalysis is now second fiddle to village starvation in the GSU psychology department. While students won’t likely reverse all of international poverty’s effects, they plan to venture beyond dense papers on self discovery and mental cycles, to silence the grumbling belly of a child in Africa .With the guidance of Dr. Sue Abraham and her developmental psychology class, a child in Nairobi will be sponsored. Abraham insisted that feeding this child would decrease the likelihood of hunger based illnesses.

In a general psychology class, she faithfully brought a bottle with a rainbow coalition of children’s faces emblazoned on it. She urged students to give dollars if they could, but spoke of the power in spare change. She pleaded for pennies to be dropped into the bottle.

Several students happily obliged. Shortly after she explained the cause, bodies moseyed up to drop crisp bills and stray jingles into the bottle.

Many did so instinctively. No fumbling. No thought. They just pulled out wallets, coins clanged as classes changed.

Sophomore psychology major Brittany Segura believed that the cause was a worthy one. Though unsure of the exact amount raised, she said funds had yet to be counted.

She stated that three groups in her class volunteered to raise the money by collecting change as separate units and bringing it back to class.

According to the Feed the Children website, 118 countries have been aided by the giving of others in 29 years.

The www.charitynavigator.com website boasted that 135 million pounds of food was delivered under the expense of Feed the Children wings.

Sophomore psychology major Arsenio Wilborn said that as soon as he heard somebody needed help, he was ready to be involved.

“I’m sitting in America with an abundance. We should be able to help other people out,” he said. He reiterated that Abraham sponsored a child before her classes became involved.

Abraham can be reached at (318) 274- 2225. Her office is 105C in Woodson Hall. Donations are strongly encouraged.

Feed the Children’s motto is “It’s who we are. It’s what we do.” Who better than collegiate young adults to embody this?