Is college not the ‘real world?’

It has been known the “real world” is tough and waits on no one. Is college not the “real world?” It is here that we are introduced to life’s basic lessons and responsibilities. It is here that we learn that having one true friend is like seeing snow in Louisiana.

In other words, it happens but it’s rare. It is here that we un-knowingly put ourselves in lifetime debt crises. We struggle within ourselves to look like, sound like, and be like the latest trends, sororities, fraternities or the popular crowd. We often lie, spread rumors, mistreat and dislike people because of who we think they are, instead of getting to know who and what they really are about.

Personally I’d rather die for the truth, than live for a lie. How can we come together as one student, one school and one town with sincerity? No hatred, no lies, verbal abuse, mental abuse, rumors, prejudice or – even the unmentioned – jealousy? The answer?

Part 1: Having a relationship. When you are in a relationship you aim to please your significant other. You do everything in your will to see them happy with no wanted desires.

Part 2: How do we have a relationship with everyone? You don’t. Everyone seeks acceptance. In today’s society if we are not accepted we feel out cast and abnormal. We all want to be liked, loved and cared about.. Sadly, we cannot please and satisfy everyone.

Part 3: Therefore, the relationship , I mentioned should be with the creator of all things, the man who fed 5,000 people with 2fish and 5loaves of bread. The man who walked on still waters, the alpha and the omega; he is Jesus Christ!

In order to obtain a relationship with him we must empty ourselves of all hate and evil and abandon, the life we have drawn accustomed to. So that we can then seek the life of the world; Christ.

Although, it will not be easy the reward is a much greater prize than rap, sex, money, material things or even the joys of pleasing those we love. It is eternal life!

Luke 21:16 says “you will be betrayed even by. parents, brothers, relatives and friends; and they will put some of you to death.”

But we must remember to be strong and consistently seek the kingdom of heaven because every hurtful thing we endure will only put us one step closer to where God wants us to be. I’ve learned God often roughs us up to grow up!

Luke 21:13 “But it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony.” After the trial is over you’ll laugh and love your new relationship. In the mean time love your enemies and bless those who curse you: Matthew 5:44.

“These things that I have spoken to you, that in me (Christ) you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I too have overcome the world” -John 16:33