Grambling Middle Lab implements gender classes

For some, 6th grade turns out to be all that they expect it t be; for others, their experience is totally different. But one thing that remains true for all is change, change, change. Moving from elementary to middle school is guaranteed to bring a lot of changes. The biggest change was being split into separate gender classrooms for the whole day. The first thing that many of the guys thought about was, “There goes my competition.”Being in a class with girls makes guys feel like they have to work harder, for pride. Being in a class full of boys makes them feel that they don’t have to work so hard. For some it’s not hard to still make good grades, but the competition from the girls is just not there.

When a couple of the other guys in class were asked how they felt about the separate classes one said that he felt that he could now concentrate more on his work. Others replied that they wanted the girls in the class to give them attention and to flirt with. But, not having girls in the class will turn out to be alright. It really doesn’t matter who’s in the class as long as you’re learning.

From a girls prospective, the separation of 6th grade boys and girls is a good thing. One of the girls felt that she was used to being around a lot of girls so it was a good setup for her.

Sometimes boys can be annoying. They are always arguing with the girls and interrupting class or throwing things. Some boys can be disrespectful. Girls tend to make better grades and with them being in class by themselves, their academics will grow to be even stronger.