Thirty Questions (Bonus Edition)

1. Snow boots and short shorts?2. Did anyone go to Tech’s Homecoming that didn’t go to Grambling’s?

3. Are babies the new black?

4. If the yard is the car show, is the café the baby show?

5. Where does Judson really live?

6. Can we use our technology fees to put a GPS system on him?

7. Why do we only see Judson in Cash Street on fried fish Friday?

8. Why were dogs inside JTS chillin’?

9. How many ankles has Terry Lilly broken this semester?

10. Who knows their password to access Tiger Village Internet?

11. What will it take for Burger King workers to consistently wear gloves?

12. How old were the green rice crispy treats in the café?

13. Can we get real grass on campus?

14. Who’s shooting craps in the Express?

15. Why do some students have the same teachers their parents had?

16. When did tattoos become a skin tone?

17. Who’s going natural?

18. How many people are going to name their children Barack after the election?

19. What grown man fainted when Obama was announced president?

20. Who wants to sign up to move Bush out of the White House?

21. Do we still need 40 acres and a mule now?

22. Did President Judson celebrate on the yard?

23. What excuse will administration give for cancelling the W-P Classic next time?

24. Who wants to become head coach of the Oakland Raiders?

25. Ralph Nader, seriously?

26. Can Kanye West say the same thing about Obama that he did about Bush?

27. How many people caught contact during the celebration?

28. Can Soulja Boy still shoutout the slave masters for this one?

29. How many of you want to smack Lindsey Boggs?

30. Aren’t you glad LA Tech expelled her?

Disclaimer: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Those who can’t take a joke need not read.