The Gramblinite is looking for you

Complacency went out with inarticulate leaders and misplaced ballots. Brethren (and sistren), we no longer have the audacity to be dissatisfied, but immovable regarding our news. This column is rebirth. It is my hope that those who want to ingest quality print aid us in producing it. After all, it takes little to critique. Contribution is everything.

It is time for readership to evolve to writership.

The peacefully boisterous, shirtless, hysterical, unabashed pride we displayed on election night ought to translate to every endeavor we pursue.

While I’m unsure why we’ve hit a publication plateau, I know we can issue the city of Grambling an intellectual recompense. We have to get on our grizzlies and eradicate every issue we face. On top of that, we need to document the history we lived.

It’s frustrating to see a darn near desolate newsroom when the time comes to submit work (on time) or to assemble the paper, but international momentum was predestined to stir our souls. Who’s up for the challenge?

Reinvigorate the paper.

Lingo is our sustenance. These pages (and the website) crave more vibrancy. We need new people. So let me get all ancestral and whatnot. We have gathered here today to broadcast our need for new blood. We-ell?

The Gramblinite staff is all too familiar with a myriad of consumer complaints. We are no strangers to cringing at comma splices, misspelled words, redundant phrases and all manners of other errors.

We acknowledge past laxness on our part, but some of the issues within the paper can be rectified if more people offered to help.

Hold up. There’s no room for passivity in journalism.. Obama is our president. Make that when people volunteer to help.

With Black leadership at its peak, no one is going to be receptive to dated excuses. Our media outlets are indicative of this university’s worth and subsequently the legitimacy of our educations. So, shall we step up our game?

I want our Grambling degrees to pack some punch when we glide across the stage.

If you want to become involved in the paper’s revitalization, please do so. Get to know a staff member. Request us on Facebook. Submit 20 Questions. Read a book. Write a review.

We meet upstairs every Monday at 5:30 p.m. in the Washington-Johnson Complex Room 203. We anticipate hosting a reporter recruitment drive soon, so be aware of new flyers on campus publicizing the event. By all means, support it.

Readers, we choose you.