Skee Week celebrates 100 years of service

The Alpha Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated kicked-off yet another Skee Week for their fellow undergraduates to enjoy and gain facts about the sorority. Dressed in pink and green with 20 pearls to match, the lovely ladies of AKA greeted interested students with a smile at the week’s first event, “Meet the AKA’s.”

The Alpha Theta ladies opened with a song and swiftly moved on to the most anticipated moment of the night: questions and answers. Hands rose from row-to-row, eager to get as much information as possible.

“The significance of Skee Week is for undergraduates, both male and female, to get to know who we are,” said Seana Spears, Skee Week Chair and a senior Psychology/Child Development major from Zachary.

Skee Week was not strictly dedicated to AKA history. Those in attendance were also informed on proper dress etiquette. The “Dress for Success” seminar was the week’s second activity which gave young ladies the formula:

Look professional + Act professional = Success!

The guest speaker for the hour, Cynthia Lemelle, covered the do’s and don’ts to success and provided packets equipped with helpful information to achieve a professional look. There were a few volunteers at the seminar which gave Lemelle the opportunity to give individual head-to-toe tips.

“We are all about leadership, scholarship, and helping people in general,” said Destyne Miller, a senior Theatre major from Gatesville, Texas.

Not only is dressing for success important to the ladies of Alpha Theta, being healthy and fit is also priority. This explains the “AKAerobics” held Wednesday at the Intramural Center where members of the Alpha Theta Chapter, along with other students, sweated for the 50 Million Pound Challenge.

Students were also taught financial management during the “Get Your Money Straight” seminar scheduled to be presented by Lynn Richardson, the “Mortgage Guru.” However, there was a minor set back in which Daarel Burnette, GSU’s Vice President for Finance and Administration, was asked to fill-in and deliver the message.

In addition to dressing for success, living healthy and managing finances, the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha are strong believers in community service. “We were founded on service,” stated Spears, who also mentioned the sorority volunteers annually at the Crawford Elementary Fall Carnival.

Furthermore, since giving back to the community is also part of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the Alpha Theta Chapter members hosted a coat and clothing drive for under-privileged communities.

Even with such a recognizable and respected organization, the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha made it clear they always acknowledge God and give him praise. So, to top the week off, the Alpha Theta Chapter attended Mt. Harmony Baptist Church in Ruston, Louisiana.

In closing, the vice president for the Alpha Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kendra McMurry, stated, “Skee Week was a blast. The ladies of Alpha Theta appreciate the support from everyone on campus and will always remember those who helped in making our centennial celebration a success.