DBW features slate of activities

The Society of Distinguished Black Women recently held their semesterly DBW Week on the university campus with a purpose: to come together not only as sisters, but also as friends, classmates, and fellow Gramblinites.The week began on the previous Sunday with a Sister Worship, for all the members to worship together at the Catholic Student Center.

Members and students had an aerobics session with instructor Terrance Lilly at the Intramural Center on Monday.

“The purpose of my sessions is to encourage young ladies to stay fit and continue exercising throughout their lives,” said Lilly.

The aerobics class had about 75 students, including men. The session was very fast paced, and some couldn’t keep up. A handful of students that weren’t able to endure the aerobics, and quietly stepped out.

Although not everyone was dehydrated and exhausted after the first ten minutes, there was one student who lasted the entire session, barely breaking a sweat.

“I attend aerobics at 5 o’clock everyday, five times a week, and that’s why I’m in shape and able to keep up,” said Ashley Bain.

On Tuesday night, a forum entitled, “How to be a Christian in College,” was held in Charles P. Adams Hall. To be a Christian while in college, one needs to remain focused on their goals, and most importantly, always keep God first.

Wednesday was Hump Day, which included students and members of DBW to dress up in their ’80s fashion attire. Later that day, activities were put on in the quadrangle area, which included hopscotch, hula hoop, card games, and even volleyball.

Miss DBW Bridgett Lard presented her platform, “Women Empowering Women,” to the student body on Thursday night. The principle for Lard’s platform is to reach out to women, most importantly women with low self-esteem.

Lard pointed out that women shouldn’t let meager comments from others bother them, and should always be proud of whothey are. Following the platform was the poem “Phenomenal Woman” recited by member Zannel Blanchard. After Blanchard, Andrea Dillon also read a poem entitled, “The Beauty of a Woman”.

Following the poems was a modeling showcase and auction of DBW members. Ashlee Watkins was the host for the evening.

“Winners of the auction will go on a date and get an opportunity to get more acquainted with the woman they selected,” said Vice President of DBW Kristan Moore. The auction showcased 13 members of DBW. Men in the audience were eager to show how deep their pockets were. Dionne Lee Carter was first to be auctioned off, and Edward Lowe paid $50 to be in her company, making him the highest bidder.

The second highest bidder went to comedian Curtis Arrington, who shelled off $40 for member Porshe Henderson. The brothers of United Afrikan Amerikan Men showed their support to their sisters, in more ways than one.

Seven members of UAAM put their money together to win member LaCresha Dauresseaux for $29.25. DBW Week ended on Friday with a cleanup crew in the McCall Dining Hall.