Tubman Hall haunted!

The Tubman Haunted House drew a large crowd of anxious students, waiting to experience a night of fear and fright Friday night. The misty fog, painted faces, suspended bloody pig feet, flickering strobe lights, and screeching sounds of the electric chain saw held the waiting crowd in terrifying suspense.”It was good student interaction,” said Anthony Richardson Jr., a freshman computer science major from Chicago. “And it was fun to watch the girls run out, screaming like the little girls that they are.”

The first floor of Tubman Hall was transformed from its normal, quiet living conditions, into a horrid on- campus living nightmare. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of several student volunteers, the haunted house was a success once again.

“It was decent, not scary, but thrilling,” said Mark Harris, a freshman computer science major from Chicago.

“Last year’s was more exciting than this year,” Phillip Witherspoon said, “not as scary and room for more improvement.” Witherspoon is a sophomore business management major from Bastrop.

Last year, the Tubman Haunted House was established by six students: Ray Holbrook, a sophomore criminal justice major from Detroit; Dafu Goodman, a sophomore sociology major from Los Angeles; Malik Grandberry, a nursing major from St. Louis; Timothy Harris Jr., a sophomore political science major from Los Angeles; Eugene Mewborn, a sophomore mass communication major from Los Angeles; and Eric Gilbert, who is also a sophomore mass communication from Los Angeles.

Newly appointed housing director Anthony Jackson gave the group permission to create the haunted house. When Jackson walked into Tubman, the look on his face gave the impression of approval.

Because of construction around campus, members of the group hope to hold the haunted house on the first floor of Tiger Village 800.